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The Play (Synopsis)

A black comedy set in South Boston 1977, “Everything’s Relative” explores the relationships between the widowed Helen O’Malley and her three daughters and son, and chronicles what happens when their romantic interests threaten the family dynamic.

Born in Ireland and a devout Catholic, Helen must deal with her children, products of the ’60s counterculture, as they reject her beliefs.

The play takes place in daughter Brenda’s home during a welcome-home party for Lizzie, the middle daughter and a Los Angeles actress who returns to Boston to accept a role with the Boston Shakespeare Company.

During the course of the play the family must come to terms with Corey announcing his engagement to a divorcée; Lizzie introducing Sarah, her lover; “good girl” Brenda’s pre-nuptial pregnancy; Leo, her Republican City-Council-candidate fiancé; and youngest daughter Vivian’s sixth pregnancy in as many years. Will this family be torn apart by these obstacles or will the family bond endure?


All characters, except Lizzie and Sara, must possess a Boston accent.

Brenda O'Malley....30, slightly overweight with a burdened quality that detracts from her prettiness.

Corey O'Malley ... 25, well-built, good-looking, generally happy-go-lucky but prone to volatility.

Lizzie O'Malley ... 27, (a.k.a. Jennifer Jackson), tall, very attractive, sensitive and “new age-y.”

Vivian O'Malley ....26, very pregnant and quick witted (a “smartass”).

Mother - Mrs. Helen O'Malley ....50, working-class irish, zealously Catholic, very nearsighted.

Sarah Lewis ....28, quiet and helpful.

Leo D. Whitman ....31, conservative would-be politician, slightly pompous.